On April 19, 2018, the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (EPFPD) released what it described as ‘a book’ on “Agenda Europe”.

The EPFPD is one of the regional networks of parliamentarians set up by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Marie Stopes International (MSI). IPPF and MSI are the world’s leading abortion providers. The EPFPD’s main aim is to gain support for the radical pro-abortion agenda in Europe, around the world, and at the United Nations, and to silence any pro-life voice.

Its donors include among others abortion industry giants IPPF and MSI. EPFPD’s actions include ‘tours’ by its members to developing countries in efforts to influence lawmakers and overturn national laws protecting women and children from the violence of abortion.

The book’s only aim is to disparage individuals or organizations who disagree with the aims of the abortion industry and who are considered ‘barriers’ to advance of the abortion agenda. The book is a work of fiction as it includes a large number of falsely contrived assertions about the Agenda Europe network.

The following seeks to correct the most egregious falsehoods:

1. Agenda Europe is an informal network that provides a platform for cooperation of individuals, NGOs, and experts who work on matters of life, family, and religious freedom. Members of Agenda Europe promote the dignity of every human person, the importance of the family, and religious freedom, as enshrined in all major human rights treaties. As Europeans, our members share the Christian Philosophical and Intellectual foundations of our continent.

2. The members of Agenda Europe peacefully defend a worldview, which has at its heart the equal recognition of the dignity of every human person and the fundamental freedoms emanating from it. The false labeling of NGOs or individuals who work for basic human rights, such as the right to life and religious freedom, as “religious extremists” demonstrates the desperation of EPFPD as it resorts to fiction in an attempt to discredit organizations whose beliefs are shared by countless individuals in Europe and around the world.

3. The book demonstrates that the aim of EPFPD is to intimidate and silence any voice or opinion that disagrees with its own extremist political agenda by use of negative words and terms including ‘secret’ and ‘clandestine’. Members of Agenda Europe work for our common cause in public in their respective countries. We encourage everyone to read and ponder the various publications of our members as they provide excellent arguments and reflections on the human rights and fundamental freedoms that Europe is built upon.

4. The book incorrectly “identifies” and links three distinct entities as components of Agenda Europe: The Agenda Europe Blog, the yearly Summits, and the manifesto “Restoring the Natural Order”. The Agenda Europe network has no links to or control over the Agenda Europe blog (and the Twitter Account), despite use of the same name. The document “Restoring the Natural Order” is not an Agenda Europe publication. It is a paper drafted by an individual person without any involvement of Agenda Europe.

5. Agenda Europe is an informal network and not an organization. It does not receive any outside funding, contrary to the assertions of the report.

6. Confidential strategic meetings are common practice of any grouping of people who work on a common cause. The same applies to the Agenda Europe network.

7. The information used to put together the book was obtained illegally through a computer hack. The organization that was hacked has obtained an injunction against the publication of the hacked documents. Criminal proceedings against the anonymous hackers are ongoing. We formally ask the President of EPFPD, MP Ulrika Karlsson, if she is aware how the information used for the book was obtained and if she knows that it was obtained illegally.